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Our History

Dundrum Credit Union was founded in March 1966 with assets hardly amounting to £1. Members enrolled from within the parish of Dundrum. The first ever office was a room over the Dundrum Library, where the Credit Union would open for business each Friday night.

Since then, we have moved premises on many occasions, the final move being in 1986, to Pembroke Lodge on the Main Street in Dundrum, where the building stands as a focal point in the village.

Dundrum Credit Union is run by a Board of Directors, appointed at the AGM, who oversee all the operations of the Credit Union, and the day-to-day managing is conducted by a team of efficient, dedicated full-time, part-time and volunteer workers.

Now, Dundrum Credit Union has assets of over €80 million and the membership is continuing to grow at a tremendous rate. It stands as a testament to the dedication and work of volunteers, directors, staff and managers over the years who helped to make it what it is today.

Board of Directors & Supervisors 2009/2010


Board of Directors & Supervisors 2008/09


Board of Directors & Supervisors 2007/08


Board of Directors & Supervisors 2006/7



The Credit Union movement began in Germany, back in 1847. There are over 55,000 Credit Unions serving over 93 million members in over 84 different countries.

The Credit Union movement is a complete success story, each one usually parochial-based, or work-based, with a common bond of membership. Starting out as mutual societies, helping people to get out of debt and poverty, they have become a strong force and have developed and prospered greatly.

The World Council of Credit Unions represents the movement, and supports them in countries across the world. The Irish League of Credit Unions is an active member in this world council.


Credit Unions were introduced to Ireland in 1958, principally founded by the late Nora Herlihy. The philosophy of mutual self-help has proven an enormous success; there now being over 520 credit unions affiliated to the Irish League of Credit Unions in 32 counties.

There are over 1.8 million Irish credit union members, with savings of over €2.5 billion. At present, over 10,000 people are actively involved in the running of credit unions, with over 1,500 employed.

There are 25 regional chapters around the country, each chapter meeting regularly to exchange information, share promotion and training programmes. These chapters play a very important part in the structure of the credit union movement.